I Got Your Back!

golf-painIf you ever go to the library, look up back pain. You may see two complete rows of books on back pain as I did. I was a bit taken aback by my findings. It is the most sought after treatment in our society today. A chiropractor can correct muscle spasms in your back or do spinal adjustments; treating disorders of the spine, joints and muscles. During a golf game, you may find excruciating pain as you throw your back out. This is not uncommon. A visit to the chiropractor is well worth it. You can prevent further pain! AAAHHHHH! The chiropractor screens the patient with a thorough history and physical examination to determine the treatment you need. Your medical doctor may refer you to a chiropractor as the best treatment for you. When the underlying problem is a muscle strain or a ligament sprain, then chiropractic treatments are very effective. A good chiropractor will be able to diagnose your health concerns and provide the best solution for you.
Chiropractic TIPS for Preventing lower back pain
(1) Strengthen Your Core: Exercises your front and side abs, lower back and gluteus maximus (butt)
(2) Stretch: Stretching exercises warms up your body. Target your muscles. Hamstrings for example. Ankle circles while you are sitting at your desk works on your calf muscles to loosen them up.
(3) Proper shoes: If you need orthotics, your chiropractor or podiatrist would be able to diagnose the symptoms that require special shoes.


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