Trend in Chiropractic Research

Dr. Brian Budgell

Dr. Brian Budgell, Director of the Neurophysiology Lab at CMCC

Let’s ask the experts at the renowned Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) located in Toronto. Dr. Budgell, the lab director at CMCC finds that the trend for today’s Chiropractor is back to basics, by concentrating on core chiropractic issues.
Back and neck pain are some of the most commonly treated conditions. One of the central chiropractic principles is the idea that the two upper vertebrae are essential to your health. A lot of trends in research are always being formed. Sharing and exposure of chiropractic research are readily available with the Internet in full swing. In Canada now we have a number of promising researchers at the CMCC. The CMCC is a world leader in chiropractic education and research. They publish their research for other chiropractors and for the general public to understand the future of chiropractic study.

Dr. Budgell cites contemporary research referencing the phenomena that occurs when “you pinch a nerve and block the flow of information to the organs and therefore interfere with the behaviour of the organism, or that a bone out of place could change the behaviour of the spinal cord” as an example of his point. quote from

Chiropractors are being recognized in the annals of society as Geoffrey Bove became the first doctor of chiropractic to attain faculty status at the prestigious Harvard Medical School in 1988.

Chiropractic is the trend that is shaping the future of health care. At times, dependence on drugs as treatment may only mask the symptom and the underlying cause of ill health. There is a continual proven positive effect of these musculoskeletal specialists known as chiropractors. As trained physicians, chiropractors can diagnose as well as treat patients, and they can order lab tests and x-rays when needed.


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